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Precisely! They did say, or at least imply, that it would be as close to the ruleset as possible, and now they are just silent. I just want them to COMMUNICATE more! Do they ever read these forums? Are they aware that quite many people want a ruleset that is closer to the original? Do they care? Do they intend to ever change their vision? We just don't know, and I would love to know. I still LOVE this game, I just hope that it will eventually be much closer to the pen and paper experience in many ways, but I also do like some of their home brewing. I just want to know how THEY think about these things, but we never get anything... radio silence.... frown

But I do *LOVE* Larian Studios, and I love this game, and I *HOPE* so damn hard that this game will be the best RPG ever. I still have hope.

I sincerely doubt we will ever have communication with the developers. The best we can hope for, and in my experience, is that there is someone who's job it is to review the forums and give a lowdown to the devs about specific complaints/requests. Pretty sure most studios do their best to insulate their developers from forums and has rules against them engaging with them. Especially, open forums. I think if these forums were just available to people that have verified purchases that might change, but I doubt it. But again, that is just my assumption of what is going on in Larian from my experience with previous developers and EA.

My thoughts (and these are just my thoughts) is considering they have done modifications to the existing mechanics, and have not removed any of them, they are probably going to maintain what they have done, while dialing it in. I doubt very much they are going to just scrap an existing full ruleset to redefine it at this point. Things like height advantage/disadvantage will stay about the same as it is with patch 4 (because I believe the made some changes to the previous version in patch 4). We still haven't seen anything past the starting area, so there is no way to presume to know what they are going to do with that. But if you expect Larian to come and just post every little thing they are planning on doing, I just don't see that happening. If they are going to address something, it will be when they fix/change it and will list it in patch notes.