Personally I don't like the changes Larian has made to rangers, but I've had this conversation before so I'll keep it brief.

I was a big fan of the final revised ranger unearthed arcana, I thought it was a decent attempt at fixing ranger and making it less dependent on overspecialised features. It also made changes to beast master that altered companion growth, allowing for growth and flexibility. I played this version of ranger for a while and enjoyed it. See it here.

I was an even bigger fan of the class replacement features for the ranger in the class features unearthed arcana, I felt that this was the best version of ranger, it was flexible and didn't have the front loading issues that many people had with revised ranger. I played this version of ranger for a while and really enjoyed it. See it here.

Tasha's came out, and the class replacement features were not quite the same and the unearthed arcana. I was disappointed because i felt those changes were just unnecessary and a step backwards from where it had been.

In comparison, BG3 hasn't done anything really to combat the main complaints of ranger, the overspecialised features issue, and the lack of companion growth in the beastmaster subclass. They gave it some more subclasses with a really eclectic range of ideas, and called it a day. Maybe RAW ranger just isn't very useful for a video game where wilderness navigation and survival aren't really a thing, but if this is the case, the replacement class features would be so much better than what they have.