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Tuco: Can you please start dialling down the edgelord setting in your posts. We all get that you don't like the game or the way it is heading. However, I'm sure that you can express this without coming across as some sort of snidey professional malcontent.
What are you even talking about?
Aside for the gratuitous namecalling as "edgelord" that you could have easily kept for yourself, nothing in my post was even remotely about my like or dislike of the game in general.
I was specifically addressing a recurring logical fallacy in many of Pandemonica's posts.

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I've asked many times that you report posts rather than get involved in arguments. By engaging with abrasive posts, you run a real risk of being part of the problem and dealt with accordingly.
How aren't they are "part of the problem" already?
Leaving alone the annoying recurring attempts at tone policing others and being constantly aggressively dismissive of any criticism, apparently he (she?) is under the impression that any sort of questionable design decision is some godsend to lure "the casuals" (you know, the "silent million") to the game in droves.
Except at no point this assumption was EVER corroborated by any evidence or even just anything resembling some robust logic.

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I don't know about you, but I read the reviews before purchasing the game. I knew it was not a 1:1 5e ruleset ahead of time, that Larian had changed things up and I was perfectly fine with it. I am sure plenty of others are too.
I thought we were advocating for the best interests of the casual audience. You know, the one that DOES NOT read reviews.
Also, yeah, I'm sure a lot of people would be perfectly fine with pretty much anything. Even a spoonful of crap, if the name Larian was chiseled on the handle.
When someone is basically the ground zero of expectation you'd have to go out of your way to disappoint him. Which doesn't mean that catering to a complete lack of standards is the ideal path to take.

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