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How could the sales of the game be related to mechanics players didn't experienced at all about before buying it ?

The sales of the game comes from : Larian's new game + D&D new game + Baldur's Gate name. That's what the hype was about.

No one knew the deep mechanics of the game before playing it and whatever they had done, they would have sold the game the same.

They just said that it would be as close as the ruleset as possible, that's all what we knew before buying.

I don't know about you, but I read the reviews before purchasing the game. I knew it was not a 1:1 5e ruleset ahead of time, that Larian had changed things up and I was perfectly fine with it.

I bought the game "minute 1" (day 1) because it's Baldur's Gate. Baldur's Gate is the best RPG of all time so I want BG3 to be the best RPG of all time.

I'm perfectly fine that the game is not a 1:1 but I was far from thinking that the game would be like this on many things.

From silly mechanics (i.e dipping in a candle, cows that climb ladders, kangaroos, eating pig head while fighting,...) to world design (no/useless worldmap, TP to fast travel, theme park feeling, such a resting system/camp), to combats (victory in verticality, tons of surfaces, no tactics at all), to itemization, to this random mmorpg style UI, to this ridiculous level of difficulty,...

Seriously, I would never have imagined this^^

But I'm still here playing the game after so many hours so it probably means that I'm fine with the game on many things and that I still hope it can suits more some of my expectations at release.

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