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I bought the game "minute 1" (day 1) because it's Baldur's Gate. Baldur's Gate is the best RPG of all time so I want BG3 to be the best RPG of all time.

I'm perfectly fine that the game is not a 1:1 but I was far from thinking that the game would be like this on many things.

From silly mechanics (i.e dipping in a candle, cows that climb ladders, kangaroos, eating pig head while fighting,...) to world design (no/useless worldmap, TP to fast travel, theme park feeling, such a resting system/camp), to combats (victory in verticality, tons of surfaces, no tactics at all), to itemization, to this random mmorpg style UI, to this ridiculous level of difficulty,...

Seriously, I would never have imagined this^^

But I'm still here playing the game after so many hours so it probably means that I'm fine with the game on many things and that I still hope it can suits more some of my expectations at release.

Which in a way proves my point about name recognition. I am not a fan of some of the things that are happening. Personally, I think it is a joke a Druid in bear form can climb at ladder. Haven't seen any kangaroos yet, but I am hoping (sorry a little sarcasm), fast travel doesn't really bother me, though I do wish maybe there was a chance to get engaged in a random encounter like in DA:O when using it. As for the level of difficulty, honestly I don't find it that difficult at all, if anything I wish they made the combat more difficult, and no I do not use barrels at all before you say it.

My whole point being that Larian is going to maintain surfaces, maintain barrels (I mean it is in all their games afterall), I actually like the verticality, but you can counter it easy enough. I mean there is some things personally I would like changed, that I feel make the game better. But I don't expect them to communicate what they are, or are not considering. I just don't understand where this whole idea that a developer is required to communicate their every intention to me as a customer. I really don't know any game developer who devotes their time to communicating that information in public forums. Generally I get their answers in patch notes, or very rarely in perhaps a latest news post.
idk, still dont really get what your points are or how they are really constructive to a thread in the 'suggestions & feedback' forum space, but i guess thanks for still posting with us into the ether fam wink 20 pages long and counting