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I'm perfectly fine that the game is not a 1:1
but I was far from thinking that the game would be like this on many things.

From silly mechanics (i.e dipping in a candle, cows that climb ladders, kangaroos, eating pig head while fighting,...) to world design (no/useless worldmap, TP to fast travel, theme park feeling, such a resting system/camp), to combats (victory in verticality, tons of surfaces, no tactics at all), to itemization, to this random mmorpg style UI, to this ridiculous level of difficulty,...

Seriously, I would never have imagined this^^

But I'm still here playing the game after so many hours so it probably means that I'm fine with the game on many things and that I still hope it can suits more some of my expectations at release.
Well said ! Loved your colorful description of the combat oddities. :P Though I do not mind the surfaces (not to be confused with the fire barrels in our backpacks).
Same here. I adapted my expectations, took a break, in order to just enjoy it for what it is. And there is still nearly a year before release.

Nb : I am currently making characters for my first playthrough of Icewind Dale : Enhanced Edition and they really butchered some of the rules big time (eg. Wisdom does not help some Saving Throws), with a lot of homebrew too. I hear a lot of positive feedback still about this IWD video game adventure. // This does not mean I like Larian's changes to the combat rules and spells.

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