Actually I'm pretty sure there's a good chunk of us.
You just think you're special with your opinion.
I get your mom tells you that a lot.
I don't see how making a 6 man party an issue to you who would still be able to use a 4 man party.

Just because it's a common formula, doesn't really mean it's the only right one. Most games are copy and paste games anyway.

The biggest pro to a 4 man party, is that it's easier to manage, since most folks that like it aren't capable of doing any more, it'll overwhelm them. They're also tuned to that kind of playing style, the whole meatshield, typical mmorpg theme and think it's how it works for everything. The more simple and child friendly the better for you guys.

The only thing holding me back from actually buying the game is the six men party issue. What will make this game different from any of the other options tbh, I'm not a simp for game companies that's done well in the past. Look at CD project Red.

They didn't do so hot with Cyberpunk.

I kind of want something that stands out more, not another passive game that I just go through and not come back to, because the only difference is that I get to use other companions. That's a lame excuse to come back to a game.
Why not just give us one grand playthrough and be done with that.
It'll make you more interested in playing another grand adventure over the motif of playing again to see what It'll be like with a different companion that has maybe a a few hours of different dialogue only.

That's another Larian issue too, they have this you pick 3 companions and that's it theme going on now. They've mentioned multiple times how they want you to leave with who you wanna, since that's your permanent team, the rest of the squad is gone.


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