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I was excited to play a new class and the druid looked pretty fun. However I've never played a druid in D&D and while I have nothing against them they have never looked that appealing to me either. I like the idea that they can switch up their animal form to sort of meet their needs. I wish I could change more often, like once a turn or something. I realize that's probably a little busted, but changing from a tanky bear to a swift raven to get across the battle field, then changing into a charging rothé is kinda how I wanted to play. My actual experience is like cast barkskin on myself (out of combat), change to bear, get critically hit and lose concentration, spend the rest of the fight swatting down dudes with bear. A lot of the druid spells look really cool, but I feel obligated to play the animal forms.

Animal forms
Cat: I really like the sneakiness of the cat. I wish it had darkvision or low light vision.
Bear: Sorta tanky, but lacks AC and utility.
Dire Wolf: I quite like the wolf overall. I wish it walked a little faster though. Would be cool if it had like high perception or nature
Spider: I think the spider is also quite good. Kinda gives me the creeps though
Rothé: I love the charge attack, but it has surprisingly short range
Dire Raven: Fly is great except that i have to click it ever turn. It should be default. Also, I'm not sure if they are affected by ground affects, but it looks like they will take burning damage if they fly over burning terrain
Badger: Haven't tried, looks cute though

You might enjoy trying one as an Elf. I don't usually rep Elves, but with the racial proficiency in Swords and Bows, the Druid feels a bit like a ranger with better spells going that route. Bows I think are more helpful than the swords, and they already got a slick flameblade, but its still fun to see a druid rep a long sword in one hand, something you couldn't do in BG2.

Land circle coast is pretty fun at the lower side of the leveling spectrum, since you can do a bit more stuff early on, like misty step and then thunderwave or whip the shit out of a goblin. Lets be honest, half of this game is just trying to rocket launch gobbos during combos, and the druid does well at that. I don't find myself shifting all that much, since I like the spells slinger vibe and went for Land over Moon this run.

ps. kinda funny that I would find the Elf druid build more in line with classic ranger vibes to me than the regular 5e ranger hehe. But the misty step combined with other druid abilities and a elf cantrip is pretty slick. 2e didn't have Elf druids, it was just Half-Elves and Humans, so I have some buy in for the build as a new thing. Seeing a druid with two short swords going Drizzt mode is also amusing. Even if not a martial class, priests still hold up alright. I just went 14 in strength, cause why not. I also like the intelligence circlet as an item, since its always nice to feel like the MC has an intellect haha. Though I sort of wish they had set it to 17 rather than 18. If just to leave more room like that for the Superior items staged in later. Or a reason to onto companions later on if you get a better circlet later. I always thought BG1 would have been cool with more items that set stuff to 17 instead of 18 along the way. But I couldn't justify dropping the base state Int stat for the last char under 10. When playing caster types I always kinda like the idea of pushing WIS and INT as related together, instead of dumping one for the other. Though the circlet certainly allows for OP builds which could be more fun. Priest mage was always a fun idea I thought, but it wasn't an option in BG2 or ever suss'd out in much detail if that was ever a thing for a druid. Druid weapons also struck me as kind of wonky at inception, allowing for the scimitars and daggers, but not other swords. Seems a bit of an odd choice, but probably just to make the druid seem more exotic in the 80s lol

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