After many patches, fixes, updates, and plays through the game, tonight I encountered something I'd never seen before. There in camp, at the post-goblin-wipeout party, my OC is sizing up her romantic prospects, as you do. I knew Gale was a non-starter because I can never land those approval points just right and once again never got the Weave Scene. (I do hope they fix that soon.) So, I talked first with Astarion.

Now, so far, the Astarion romance has always been reliably easy because Astarion himself is, to be blunt, easy. But this time, while waxing poetic about maybe having a metaphorical 'little death,' HE SHUT MY OC DOWN COLD saying the following:

"Not with YOU of course. Ugh! Can you imagine?"

Then he sent me off to (if I remember correctly) "Go sniff around one of the others."

Really, Astarion? REALLY? I let you drink my blood, save you from the Gur, resurrect you countless times, and you brandish your hat at me thus? YOU VILLIAN! YOU CAD!

Seriously though, this one is either new since Patch 4, or it's a rare, random (admittedly hilarious) response. And before anyone asks, his approval of my CO was medium. Though, before now that never seemed to matter much.

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