Part 2
grin Multiplayer Pvp arena mode: - where you create a 4 to 6 man team to fight another persons team/ Maps should have hazards cover and hights with lots of terrain
grin Situations so intense that youl need to bring more then 4 people to it
grin All enemies within the same inititive/turn order move at the same time to speed up fights
grin Mind flayer dragon boss & Neolithid (From the larva who are escaping from thier dead host)
grin possible secret late game Unicorn encounter for good girls/nightmares for bad girls
grin endings that lead to a bad end of a story such as death or conversion
grin ik i added this in my 1st suggestion But really want oath of the storm [paladin] and tempest domain[cleric] /
grin Karlach needs a major redesign (Very ugly and off looking even by tiefling standards)

badsmileMy first request part 1:

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