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You cant take it like this, yes many spells colide but they do on every class ...
For example Druid right now also have almost every spell conditioned by concentration ... that dont make them useless. :-/
Yes, he is unable to use them both at once, but some of those you mentioned (like protection from good and evil) still have its uses, even if purely situational ...

I don't really understand what you're attempting to say here, other than somehow hint at Rangers not being useless. Which I never argued they were. Oh and by the way, Druids right now are arguably brokenly overpowered tanks and will be more so once multiclassing is in (Unarmored Defense+wild shape).

Rangers and even more so Warlocks, are defined and limited by their overreliance on their single concentration damage boosting spells; Hunter's Mark and Hex respectively. Druids have lots of concentration spells but aren't nearly as limited or reliant on any single one. Rather, they complement the use of wild shape melee very well. Besides, they have much more spell slots than a Ranger has and are much more free to use a variety.

I addressed specifics, like the fundamental design flaws in the needlessly complex homebrew that creates pitfalls. I also corrected the misconception that Rangers are "fine" based on conflating the very strong buff to attack rolls from height/flanking advantage (that may very well change) with a buff to the Ranger class - which it isn't. Arguably the powers Larian selected, in practice, detracts from the class for the reason mentioned previously; them being much inferior alternatives to Hunter's Mark that are additionally rendered largely useless by the height advantage homebrew, or much inferior alternatives to melee or ranged combat, or largely useless rather obscure skills unless the Ranger happen to be face/lead of party. Thematically it is also a mess.

Loads of trap choices, an empty facade posing as buffs that contradicts WotC's view on what the Ranger needs to be made balanced (despite Larian attempting to manipulate WotC into giving their stamp of approval on the homebrew wholesale in their Stream). These are rather factual statements, but take it like you will.

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