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Didn't read through all the thread so sorry if I repeat some things, but issues I have been having have been dialogue not progressing and having to hit spacebar to continue. In the Auntie Ethel tea house had numerous bugs with dialogue. For one I was unable to inform the girl that her brothers were killed and didn't note that I spoke with them or had the letter. Not sure if that is because I was a drow, but the particular weird thing is that in the dialogue choices I was given the human response answer. After the battle when Auntie Ethel tries to talk you out of killing her it glitches after you slay her and starts up you talking with one of the random mask people to a random party member at the same time. Causes you to have two dialogues active at the same time and the other to glitch to where you have to use the spacebar to continue with Myerina.

To note Auntie Ethel is just the example of the dialogue needing to use Spacebar to either start or unglitch the npc to start talking. Some other npcs have had this issue as well.

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I wonder if it's a bug, but when recruiting Shadowheart on the beach, XP doesn't get at par. My main PC levelled before her. When recruiting other companions, it's all ok, XP's are at par.

You are not the only one. She didn't level when I fought the intellect devourers either. She now levels with my party now, but she was a few xp shy of the party.

There are also some cutscene that have funny issues where npcs are standing in the air above my character. Guess more npcs are investing into Walking on Air or Levitate. wink

Anyways, that's all I have experienced glitch/bug wise at the moment.

I am also having issues with Auntie Ethel and I'm playing a Tiefling Ranger so I don't think it is related to choice in race. Your character just seems to forget that you just saw the dead brothers and the dialogue option just doesn't show up. I've also encountered the dialogue glitch. I was also given the Human response answer.