The description of wildshape (in 5E SRD) just says equipment either merges with you (and becomes inert), drops to the ground (or if it makes sense) can be worn (rings etc I guess)? So taking the description literally, somehow all that heavy equipment (unless you wear it) ceases to be a concern from a weight point of view...doesn't make sense, but that's the nature of magic. I think if you can wear something (so that it gives a bonus/functions as normal) that should weigh its regular amount and your transformed shape should meet the STR/carry/other requirements - but implementing that sounds complicated (many equipment types and potential shapes). I also noticed my shape was encumbered when I turned into a bird. I would prefer that you can't benefit from any items, but that they just merge with you and their weight is not a concern....that would be the easiest interpretation.

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