Inventory bugs hit me twice today; Astarion was greyed out and empty when I recruited him, Shadow Heart was empty with no weight numbers during the skeleton fight in the temple. Both cleared up with a reload.

Climbing graphics look off for PC/Followers, like crawling on all fours but climbing instead. Duergar at the pier/Deep Gnome village climbed down the cargo nets by floating down facing out in a climbing position.

Still get speech with no lip sync.

Had a "fail" skill check when I actually passed by one.

Goblin Grikka(?), the one roasting the Dwarf has been trapped in the fire/pit or crate when I initiated combat from the bridge 3 out of 3 times (first time CTD'd, second I think I rage quit in a childish huff because the RNG hates me, third I actually finished the fight).

Occasional corpse glitches out on death.

I don't know if this a bug or a feature, but missies and critical misses with special arrows and firepots still cause damage. Both Astarion & Gale were nearly killed in Blighted Village when a fire bottle "critically missed" by still did 12 damage to each of them. Acid and fire arrows still do damage when they miss too.