Now that druid spells are in I think going back and looking over the spells and cantrips rangers get and changing them to something that adds tactical advantages would be a good idea. Larian's ranger is better than the PHB but there's a few specific options that are just vastly superior to the others.

Some spitballed changes I can think of:


Bounty Hunter: Give the ranger Thorn Whip as a cantrip. It works thematically because it allows the ranger to pull enemies closer so as it better capture them. It also adds utility for pulling enemies off high ground and so isn't made worthless by access to a bow.

Keeper of the Veil: Give them a single use of Faerie Fire per long rest to combat the innate invisibility most fey and some fiends and aberrations enjoy.

Mage Breaker: Getting a single use of Silence per long rest might be OP, but it is the only thing I can think of that'd be thematically appropriate and still be useful. The other option is Resistance but using your entire action for defensive seems like a losing strategy to me.

Ranger Knight: Perfect as-is.

Sanctified Stalker: Give the ranger Produce Flame instead of Sacred Flame. Significantly better cantrip that can light fires, which is thematically appropriate for hunting undead, which is what I feel this Favored Foe should focus on since Keeper of the Veil already deals with demons and devils.

I'd also go a step further and make it so the skills you get from these key off WIS instead of INT to make the ranger a bit less MAD, as it was already a MAD class before Larian added INT as a stat they should focus on. Flavor it as knowledge gained through experience rather than study or something.