Having customisable equipment, or at least a selection of styles to choose from, is a recurring request. If I manage to find all the previous such threads, I'll merge them. However, given the obscure nature of some of the thread titles, this may take more time and effort than I can muster at present.

I would say that I can't see this being a priority for Larian at present, but it doesn't hurt to put such requests forward.

EDIT: Aaaand now I remember. We had plenty of decent threads and posts about customisable armour (and clothing), but some posters decided to derail them by pushing for an argument about gender politics and the role of women in historical conflict. The threads ended up locked and shut away in the naughty cupboard.

I have merged the latest (non-locked thread) with this one with the optimistic hope that this will remain free of real-world gender discussions.

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