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For all the hate directed at the evil path, the good path is just as meaningless. After you "save the grove" and Halsin joins your camp, you can go right back to the grove, murder everyone and take the idol for Gale. In EA, there is absolutely no way to see how your choices matter further down the line when you enter Baldur's gate. So it is kind of impossible to accurately judge how deep EITHER path is. The evil path is not a murder hobo path, it is a cult path. So the question is, how will that effect the story when you reach Baldur's gate?

Not to mention, the murder path does not murder the children tieflings, so there is a chance that they will reach Baldur's Gate and totally out you as evil. There are so many variations at this point, that trying to judge the value of either path, is moot.
This isn't a defense of the evil path.

It is a condemnation of the writing for the entire game.

I mean that is your opinion.