Thanks for your feedback. This is something we already discussed a lot and many of us share your issues with the actual rest system.

This TP in/out is 100% immersion breaking, we can easily miss dialogs and the urgency of the main story doesn't match at all with the unlimited rests.

Another issue you didn't really talked about is that ressources management makes no sense (why having spellslot if we can rest at any time).

I agree with all this.

On the other hand your solutions looks very complicated.

About the gameplay solution :
- we should not be able to TP at all while we're inside (a dungeon, a cave,...)
- we should be able to TP from the oustide but through the worldmap (open the map, click on the camp)
This would looks like a travel and not a WTF TP anymore It would works the same but the feeling would be very different, especially if the game say something like "you travel for 2 hours".
- I'm also one of those thinking that fast travelling should have consequences. Random encounters (combats or not), new creatures appearing on the map, new/modified questline... Anyway, something that would give the feeling that this world is alive.

At the moment everything/everyone is just waiting for us and the resting system just increase this feeling because nothing never happen.

Players would also have to rest if :
- we wouldn't be able to change our prepared spells at any time (like in DnD)
- we would have to rest to level up (like in DnD).
This would probably solve a part of the missing dialogs/companion story issues.

About the story solution :
It could be cool to just have a quest "find a spot to rest" after you fall the nautiloid. This could be the following of the tutorial and this could lead us to the camp.
Of course this meant that the camp has to be on the map^^

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