I may have mentioned this in a much earlier thread, and it may not be a popular opinion, but here goes. First, it seems to me that Larian is committed to this idea of a teleport to camp for a long rest on demand, as long as you're out of combat. I doubt this will change. At least, we're seeing no sign it will change.

Given that reality, I think the only thing that's needed is an in-game explanation for how this happens. For example and just one way to do it:

The MC has an invisible ring of teleportation, and it only portals to one location: a small campsite existing on its own plane of reality. The party could even be teleporting inside the ring itself, with time stopped in the outside world. After all, that's effectively what happens with the camp rest. Teleports and portals aren't unusual in this setting, it just needs to be explained. This wouldn't require more than a single cutscene at the end of the prologue, or even just a tutorial pop-up if the resources aren't there for another cutscene.

This doesn't solve any of the complaints about making the game too easy, but again I don't think Larian is showing any interest so far in changing the basic long rest mechanic. At least explain it, if it's going to be this way.