A couple more from me (probably find more later):

Blighted Village Gobbos initiate conversation to challenge me, narrator cuts out mid sentence before finishing the Ilithid speech (twice).
No option to just attack like per ambushes, have to pass/fail a test.
Start combat with the 3 scavengers around the apothecary, camera switches to a Goblin first person view looking at my party, HUD disappears and all I can do is hit escape, quit and reload.

Bug or Feature? The room in Waukeens Rest that you rescue the man trapped under a beam fills up really fast. Shadowhearts water spell stops it for about 3 seconds before the room fills right back up again, can't force turn based mode to manage saving the bloke (tedious if you fail to lever the beam), keep putting flames out and stop people dying. Is this an ethical dilemma thing? Stay and save him at painful cost (good) or say "sucks to be you" and run (evil)?