Found a bug in our recent Patch 4 where Shadowhart does not get any XP at the first battle after you meet and group with her (with the 3 intellect devourers). Getting same bug on 3 different test characters. I am attacking from stealth for those encounters, which may be triggering the disconnect. But once "discovered" and with her fighting along side my character she is still not getting the XP from that encounter. This bug seems to repeat elsewhere in the game too, as I have another party character which is now at a lower xp rate. So I am thinking its the "stealth" attacks that are causing a "party disconnect" and not sharing the xp with the whole party. And I am not un-grouping at all during these encounters. Though on occasion the game force Un-groups during a combat initiated in stealth. Then you end up with characters not in the "combat pool" and so they are not getting a turn in the combat so then you have to click on one of them to re engage combat out of turn to get them back in.