Hi everyone! Here is a list of just a few of the things I've noticed (in no real order) - apologies if some of these have already been mentioned. I am only hopeful that feedback will get back to developers and improve the game experience - which, by the way, is fantastic!

- Some dialogue does not mirror the text presented on screen (English). Some words are different or have been replaced with similar words.
- The animation in the campsite with the large celebration after killing the goblin leaders sees Shadowheart holding her wine goblet in a very odd way! She holds the stem between her fingers, effectively holding the goblet out horizontally!
- The selection menu (especially on Shadowheart) for spells with multiple levels becomes buggy - a window opens over the spell/task bar and also another window opens over the combat roster and can't be exited. The only way to make it go away is to move the character physically away from the battle and effectively, end her turn. Sometimes this menu stays on screen over the next couple of characters' actions, blocking the selection of spells or any other actions. The instinct is to hit 'escape' but that does nothing, obviously, so I've been stuck in this limbo for several turns, losing health on my characters that are attacked by enemies, while I am effectively unable to return attacks. I would like to see a close window button on these sub-menu windows.
- Selecting the grease in Shadowheart's task bar resulted in not allowing me to throw it, but rather, she clumsily then basically, just dropped it all over herself and the ground, resulting in her being knocked prone! Butterfingers!
- During a battle, two of the goblins get stuck together by the firepit with the roasting meat (this is outside the goblin stronghold), and they hold up the fight with lengthy "calculating next move" windows.
- 'Intimacy' animations are all over the place. It is as if you can't tell which body part belongs to who. Also, I've noticed that in cut scenes, sometimes 'your' character (i.e.: the one with his/her back to the camera) isn't always you, or wearing the current gear. I initiated a conversation and found I was suddenly Astarion instead of me - and Astarion wasn't even in my group at the time! Another thing in animations is when a conversation is initially accessed, sometimes a foreground item/person/object/wall covers the camera so the first lines are heard but not seen. It usually takes a "camera" shot change to sort out the problem.
- In trade windows, the balance coin feature that works so well in the Divinity series, doesn't do so well here. I moved unwanted objects into my side of the window, hit the scales to get the "value" for the items, didn't notice that the value was substantially more than what my items were worth, then selected the Barter button. Instantly, the trader/vender lost favour with me (I assume for thinking I was cheating him). Why is it that most of the time, the scales (balance) button works, but on other occasions, it doesn't?
- Using Gale to access the book in crypt caused me to be at a loss as what to do next. Everything just seemed to freeze. It was only after a few minutes of switching characters that I by chance, happened to hit the "1" on my keyboard. It seems there was dialogue/exposition still to come from Gale that never showed up on screen or was never indicated. He just froze there. Hitting "1" then moved the dialogue onto the next bit and the scene played out. I now hit "1" a lot when dialogue seems to suddenly stop with no options for "more".
- I find it annoying that the AI decides to move the group through potentially dangerous surfaces. I will navigate a path through acid pools or fire or what-ever and the group then follows but deliberately they walk through the acid or fire or trigger a trap. Are we meant to separate out everyone in the party and individually walk them around the odd acid puddle in the goblin great hall? Surely, the pathing can be more intuitive.
- Jumps too are way too dramatic - shaking the world as they do. My character jumped down from one ledge - about three feet - and the entire world shook like mad. This was followed by continual shaking as the remainder of the party did the same.
- The quest story list obviously has more entries (as I can see the tops of text just below the lower edge of the window), and yet I cannot seems to scroll the window down to reveal all the text.
- Why is it that after clearing an area of enemies, looting the bodies is still considered "stealing"? Surely there is no-one around to notice that. In Divinity, the red for steal, turns to normal gold (normal) after an area has been cleared. I found that, after nobody was left alive in the goblin stronghold, that still, enemy bodies were showing red.
- If playing as a male character romancing another male character, the cut-scene animations for 'your' character are very feminine. I realise they are likely mapped to suit all variations of the character, but suddenly, my character acts all coquetish and his movements are quite uncharacteristic. I am assuming that when Gale says "My lord" to you as a male companion, he says "My lady" to you as a female companion? Two different cut scenes depending upon the gender? I think some particular animations should be re-thought to reflect the gender of the played character, or even toned down altogether because female characters can be tough too and don't have to act all stereotypically "girly".
- I find that combat on different floors of a building is very confusing. You have to try and move the camera into a position where you can see what everyone is standing on and this can be difficult in some areas where the zoom out isn't that far and the roof of the building sometimes obscures the view. I have also noticed that I can be behind something like a wall or a tree and even if the enemy is on the same level ground as my character, my aim is apparently "blocked" by the object, and yet theirs isn't. Seemingly, they can shoot right through thick stone walls and around large trees! Also, the constant whipping around of the camera between combatants can be disorienting. It doesn't help that the icons for our party are in gold. I would prefer them to be highlighted differently, perhaps in green - I can't recall, but I think that is the way Divinity has it. At a glance, you can then see where your characters are in the order of combat, instead of searching for them amongst the portraits, especially after an enemy has dealt great damage to one of your characters. It is very easy to lose track of the battle because of the camera movements and lack of knowing where your characters are because you've lost sight of them both in the actual space and in the combat order.
- Conversation cut-scenes can be odd, as if the camera is trying to find them. I have started a conversation and the camera has focused on say, their feet, then slowly moves up to their faces. Okay, it isn't as extreme as that but they certainly start out not framed correctly and adjusts as the dialogue goes on. Also, shorter characters seem to bounce up in the frame and then bounce down as though they are trying to be placed.

All these little glitches currently act to distance the player from the experience. I understand that the game is still developing, bugs being ironed out, and I am hopeful of a brilliant experience upon complete game release. All this feedback is only meant to help the developers work out the bugs. As I said at the start, I am enjoying the game immensely and Larian should be congratulated on making a superb game. I hope there will be more crafting recipes to come as collecting herbs and other items seems pretty silly without a reason to do so.