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I believe the reason for them sticking to 4 characters is that their engine probably can't handle more than 4 players at once in co-op.
The good news then is that it wouldn't need to.
It's not like expanding the party size limit would make mandatory to give each character to a different player... Or to fill the party in the first place.
True, but I don't believe that's how Larian thinks. They want to put huge emphasis of their marketing on "Play a full party with your friends!"
And they probably think people would get too easily bored in co-op if they had to wait for 5 other characters as well.

Just imagine this conversation between Larian and the player:

Larian: "You can play with your friends in co-op!"
Player: "Wow, cool! Party size is 6, right? So I can play with up to 5 friends?"
L: "Well... No. You can play with up to 3 friends, though."
P: "But that doesn't make sense. If I can have 6 characters in my party then why can I only play with a maximum of 3 friends?"
L: "Because our engine SUCKS, but we don't want to tell you that."
P: "Well, only allowing 4 player co-op in a game with a party size of 6 kinda makes it obvious."
L: "You are right. We probably should have sticked to a party size of 4 so we wouldn't have this conversation in the first place."

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