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Maybe it is due to console, but it is still the standard. Also, I am a PC gamer for life, but we are not the major sales of any game. They will focus the development on what sells the most units which is console. I was just saying, that they have all the mechanics balanced for 4, I don't think they will backtrack and rejig all the mechanics for 5 or 6, especially 6. But hey I might be wrong. Just as long as they allow me to disable it in options, because I am just fine with 4. That has been what I have been using for over 10 years for all the other games. Not to mention, the fights in this game are so easy, I don't want them to make it even easier.

The irony is, all the balancing issues are the result of Larian homebrew. The four characters work like 6-8 characters because Larian ignores a lot of action economy/advantage balancing. If they just decided to stick with 5e rules, you could increase the party size without compromising balance.