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Also Shove (in 5e raw) is pretty weak, so I'm against things that nerf it further.

I'd say Shove is still pretty useful in 5e RAW.

It's a much more debilitating debuff in 5e because unlike BG3, you can shove someone prone as opposed to away. This means they can't get up until their turn (that can be an entire initiative order), and your party can dog pile the advantage attacks. It also scales well for martials because they gain extra attack and can shove and attack in the same turn. ... [snip]
Shoving Prone is very powerful in an optimal situation but there's some significant qualifiers
1.) It gives ranged attacks disadvantage. Most parties are ~25-50% ranged, plus the fact that you (the person who knocked the enemy prone) dont get a full turn with the enemy prone. Thus, the remaining members of the party are probably more like ~33-75% ranged characters.
2.) It requires good initiative order, where all/most of your allies go before the enemy. Often only 1, or maybe 2, allies will go before the enemy's turn.

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In BG3, this is kind of irrelevant since shove is a bonus action. With polearm master and sentinel, you could totally do this strategy of shove and then prevent the enemy from reaching you. As people above have said, you're sacrificing ASIs for feats.
However, in BG3 disengage is also a bonus action. So you could just disengage instead of shoving the enemy away, which is guaranteed to succeed.

If we're strictly talking about BG3, can't the enemy just bonus action jump in (from outside of the polearm reach) and attack?

They should eat an opportunity attack from Polearm Master + Sentinel (which should counter Jumps OA immunity), but I doubt Sentinel would literally stop someone dead mid-air.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but enemies don't have the Jump+Disengage ability in BG3. I've only seen goblins disengage, and that's a special ability of goblins.
Edit: The minotaur/bulette have this, but again this is a special creature ability, not a generic one

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