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Shoving Prone is very powerful in an optimal situation but there's some significant qualifiers
1.) It gives ranged attacks disadvantage. Most parties are ~25-50% ranged, plus the fact that you (the person who knocked the enemy prone) dont get a full turn with the enemy prone. Thus, the remaining members of the party are probably more like ~33-75% ranged characters.

100% I agree it's situational depending on your build and party composition and not a definite a go-to strategy in every party.

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2.) It requires good initiative order, where all/most of your allies go before the enemy. Often only 1, or maybe 2, allies will go before the enemy's turn.

I get what you're saying. You don't necessarily need to win initiative and go first - rather, you need to have the cycle work out so that between your turn and your targets turn, you have allies in between to go. There's definitely still RNG in there for sure. It's not as bad as it sounds if it's done with coordination between the melee characters - i.e. you should only shove when you know your teammate is going to get a turn.

For example, look at the following initiative orders (PC = player character, underline = "shover"):

PC1, Enemy, PC2 (PC2 shoves, so initiative will cycle around and PC1 gets to go before Enemy can get up)

Enemy, PC1, PC2 (PC1 shoves, enemy doesn't get to stand up before PC2's turn)

PC1, PC2, Enemy (PC1 shoves, enemy doesn't get to stand up before PC2's turn)

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but enemies don't have the Jump+Disengage ability in BG3. I've only seen goblins disengage, and that's a special ability of goblins.

I haven't really noticed/kept track on my end either.

The only times I remember jumps used extensively outside of the Goblin Racial disengage is the Minotaur and Owlbear. I don't remember for the human fights (because they are so rare unless you go evil).