So, there's been this conversation (by email) between a user and a Larian employee circulating, but despise the fact both the participating parts gave their agreement to make it public, one mod keeps deleting it (without a single warning, too, which felt more than a little disrespectful on the work I put to comment it... But hey).

Still, since I can't quote it directly, in this second attempt I'm going to comment on the gist of it.

In chronological order of mention, what we learned from that conversation is the following:

- They never promised RTS-style controls and they shown the current control scheme before the EA started, so the fact that people may like them the most over the Larian solution is irrelevant. We knew what we were buying.
- Just because some people prefer RTS-like controls, it doesn't mean that everyone does. In fact a lot of people "probably" like the current system more and both system have advantages and disadvantages. Except, no evidence for the existence of this "lot of people" was ever shown, nor we ever got our chance to read what the advantages of the current system are supposed to be.
- ...In fact, when this lack of evidence was pointed in a subsequent reply, the rebuttal was that since no claim that the number was "significant" was ever made, evidence to back said claim was not required. I'm a bit at loss about the consistency here.
- Still, the game was tested by a bunch of random guys at PAX and no formal complaint about the controls was moved there, which seems like conclusive evidence that everything is fine. Not to mention DOS 2 won a lot of awards, which apparently strongly suggests its design was flawless from top to end and Larian can do no wrong. The fact that this control scheme was heavily criticized on DOS 2 as well is pointed, but completely glossed over.
- The "uniform agreement" on this forum about the system being bad is briefly acknowledged, but we are a vocal minority. And so are probably all the people on reddit, Steam, Youtube videos and comments and on any other gaming boards that share our opinion.
- Also, none of us gave our feedback after playing at PAX for fifteen minutes while being rushed by the next guy standing in queue, so what the hell do we know, really? We "don't represent the players in general". Whatever that means.

Basically, Larian never cared about what we thought of this aspect of the game, so no feedback about it was ever required or welcomed.
If we don't like it, too bad, we need to suck it down. They have no interest in making it better because they think it's perfectly fine as it is.

We never stood a chance, really.

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