What I really don't understand is this, the game from the beginning has shown up front that it is 4 party team. It isn't like they tried to hide it. It was in all their play demos, write ups, etc. Everyone knew this when they bought the game, or I mean should have if they had actually watched any video on the game before hand. So I just don't get why they should be expected to totally redesign the combat, and the gameplay to satisfy some players that knew what the game was about when they bought it? Whether a 5 or 6 party team is more D&D (which is arguable because on one side people are saying they want 5e rules, but everything I have read about 5e, it is targeted for a 3-5 party team), Larian NEVER advertised the game for anything other than a group of 4. I mean even the 5e gm guide states that it is focused for 3-5 players. So where does 6 come from? Because the BG game made 20 years ago had it? So that means every game associated to it (which btw, BG2 I believe was using 2e which is apples to oranges different than 5e, where a 6 party was necessary back then).

SO which is it, do you want the game to follow the 5e ruleset or the 2e ruleset? So if Larian is following the average of 3-5 players for a 5e ruleset, splits it down the middle and gives the players a group of 4, somehow that is taken as completely wrong and should be totally redefined to match the average group of 2 editions ago (I know it is actually 3, but I think most people want to act like 4e never happened) because...reasons?