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Basically, Larian never cared about what we thought of this aspect of the game, so no feedback about it was ever required or welcomed.
If we don't like it, too bad, we need to suck it down. They have no interest in making it better because they think it's perfectly fine as it is.

We never stood a chance, really.
That's both disappointing and completely unsurprising.

I have worked with game designers in various capacities, though the most frequent is as a playtester/sounding board. You can usually tell which games are going to come out well pretty quickly based on what sorts of questions the designer is asking, the fidelity of the prototype relative to the design stage, and how they respond to feedback/criticism.

Larian isn't asking any questions. The fidelity of their prototype is way too high in light of numerous fundamental issues with underlying systems that really ought to be addressed first. And they seem to ignore most feedback and criticism (despite asking for it). They're showing all of the signs of a designer that is super-attached to their baby and took it way too far before stopping to check if the bones were any good. Those games rarely see the light of day and when they do, they generally don't turn out well.