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In the case of facing a single enemy, don't forget about readied action either (I'll fire X when he is no longer prone).

If the Ranged attack is a caster, they don't lose their extra damage at level 5+ since it's a spell. Rogues will keep their sneak attack too (as long as the prone target is engaged when he gets up)
Aha, while the caster is concentrating on their readied spell, another enemy bursts from the bushes and attacks the caster, hopefully making them lose concentration and waste the spell slot!
More seriously, the caster probably already had a spell they were concentrating on, as that's basically how all casters are played in 5e. 1st turn: cast concentration spell. 2nd-nth turn, cry about not being able to cast all your other cool concentration spells. :P

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I think it has to be situationally good, otherwise you'd always use it - kind of like the issue many people have with the backstab system in BG3. If backstabbing is always the way to go and is available to everybody, then you're just adding an extra step/clutter into the combat equation.
Yeah probably. Although this case is a bit different since you're giving up an attack in order to attempt to shove, whereas backstab is free and guaranteed. Every melee class in BG3 should always backstab, whereas only some melee classes in 5e should sometimes shove (and even then, you still might fail). I think shove would still be situational even if prone also gave disadvantage on Dex STs, but hey maybe not. I'm certainly not a game designer.

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Example - I posted this vid in the Gith Patrol thread for an unrelated reason, but thistimestamp shows the unnecessary struggles I had dealing with the UI because backstabbing is the universal best melee strategy.
Gotta love that pathfinding, unable to find a safe path around an enemy. But you can do it manually using 5ft baby steps. :\