Yeah I still think that too.

I just wish more energy had been spent before actually launching the EA to really set up a more impressive and dedicated forum portal specifically for this game. This forum feels like it's a dozen years old, probably because it is lol.

Rather than adding more sub sections to the existing developer's forums for the Divinity games, or allowing this to become a space for speculation months before the EA was even out, we could have launched a whole new spot. With like BG themed avatars, sidebars, image attachments, flying news headers and such, or other features to lean harder into the D&D angle. Maybe invest in some D&D themed emojis and whatnot so the feel would be more exclusive to BG3. I think this clearly bled over into the attitude that Baldur's Gate was being approached as a continuation of the existing Divinity franchise, since we're basically on the Divinity forums to do all the feedback for it.

Short of that, I wish at least for a completely separate and invisible section only accessible to Early Access players. Not that they couldn't have a more open general public space too, but it's just annoying if these forums are allowed to morph into another version of the Steam Forums or Reddit or whatever, where everything gets buried in a crossover rando flurry. Could have shored up a ton of the sprawling ramble factor at the outset with a little more attention to curating the discussion prompts or organizing stuff on the front end. It's hella hard to clear a path after letting it get this overgrown. Maybe blank slate it and launch a new forum/portal when the game goes live, but it would have been better I think during EA.

ps. Also, do these boards have an excessively long load time from the main page for others? I'm really only interested in the 6 sections that have to do with the BG3 game, but to get there that way, I had to load like 72 sections worth of old stuff from the main forum directory. I just have the BG sections bookmarked in my browser now, but even there it still takes a noticeably long time to load. I know its nice to have a big archive and multiple language formats spanning a couple decades worth of game development, but still, that's like way way more than I need out of this place lol. I'm just here for the Baldur's Gate. If you click the "Forums" tab from the game launcher it should take us directly to the relevant BG3 directories.

Also finally, the title of this thread and the forum section mentions "guides" but I don't think that's really how its being set up. Right now it is more of survey or repository of hotbutton design type conversations. I think it should be called something more like that maybe so people understand what they're diving into? Any Guides type section should probably be pulled from the "Help Tips and Tricks" section. I still think the General forum could use an introductions thread, and some more curated stuff in stickies too. Focused feedback threads are pretty interesting, but I can't even remember where to look for them after like a week of activity hehe. Flaming fist divine intervention on bumping interesting stuff please

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