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Maybe because 38-45% of players aren't satisified with a party of 4 while 62-55 are "satisfied" ?

"Ho but the majority...!!"
Should have read the comments while we had those discussions monthes ago.
While being unsatisfied is pretty clear... Being satisfied doesn't mean you wouldn't be with something else.

Many players asked for a party of 5 even in players that voted for "satisfied".

Sources :

Redesign everything... Seriously...
They already have to "redesign" everything due to this wtf difficulty level ("we will add a lone wolf mode because we know players like it" => "oh no don't worry, we could already solo it...")

The only way to state with accuracy what number of players aren't "satisfied" is to place an in game poll (or even the number that feel passionately about 5 being the party number), not some poll in an open forum, which MAYBE represents 15-20% of the players if that. I mean the idea that 38-45% of the players in the game are on these forums, is just really not even close to accurate. You can go on about the "majority" all you want, but it is the truth. I mean just by going with the numbers of registered purchasers of this game from Steam alone is over 1m people, that is not even including GOG. Pretty sure there is not even a fraction of that on these boards. Not to mention, not everyone on these boards even VOTED in the survey. So please excuse me if I think you 38-45% is suspect.

I mean I am sure there are people that feel the same as you do, but to say that there is 45% of over 1m+ players...I mean are you serious?

Also, if you think this game is difficult, all I can say is don't play Pathfinder. Or if you think it is TOO easy, than wtf do we need a 5th or 6th party member for?

Do you know how sample works ?

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