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So, there's been this conversation (by email) between a user and a Larian employee circulating, but despise the fact both the participating parts gave their agreement to make it public, one mod keeps deleting it (without a single warning, too, which felt more than a little disrespectful on the work I put to comment it... But hey).
Your attempts to repost the email conversation were removed by Larian and the moderation team because, whilst Larian have a considerable tolerance for negative criticism of both themselves and the game, this does not extend to vexatious and malicious misrepresentation of private email conversations. In any case, Larian holds the absolute right to determine what is published on their forums. I mentioned the issue of Copyright following a previous attempt to post the conversation and I will restate it here; a email author holds the right of control of his or her work (within the usual legal limits), and publishing private correspondence is unlawful without permission. Given the wild and deliberate misinterpretations contained therein, the publishing of the conversation is not constructive criticism in any way, shape or form, and serves only to cause division and discontent.

Tuco; you have been warned several times now about your abrasive posting style and yet you appear determined to ignore all warnings and continue as though forum rules and guidelines do not apply to you. I am here to tell you that not only do they apply in full, but that you may consider yourself on a final warning.