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Well, to be fair RTS controls are not the end-all-be-all of videogame control schemes. It's fair to say that party movement can be improved, but I don't understand why would we ask Larian to overhaul the control scheme for the game.

In my opinion, the control scheme has never been the issue.

How well dangerous terrain, traps, etc. are communicated on screen, party members walking through fire when it wasn't clicked on, and the camera bouncing around were issues. Those issues would still be there with an RTS control scheme.

Hmmm I think you're right pointing at that issues and as you said, devs would be able to deal with it.

It doesn,'t change the fact that it's tedious to select one or two characters.
They are also always moving in unexpected ways.
Who never see a characters climbing a ladder, then you select another one, the previopus characters go down the ladder,...
Combats end near an AoE spells, characters regroup, they die in the AoE because they "have to move" all the time...
You have to drag portait multiple times to group/ungroup...
Sometimes encounters begin because a character move a bit too close while you were falling back with the selected one...
You can never choose the leader (ok, thinking that the leader should always be on the left is something personnal^^)

Anyway there are many many situations where it makes no sense and there are many situations where it's very hard to control your characters fluently.
A group/disband button would probably solve a few of them but it would only be a bandage on a bad system.

Again, just look at the survey that were done. It's pretty clear that no one really LIKE this scheme (even if some are "fine" with it).

I already said it on this topic but to compare, everyone should try to play DoS2 and BG2 (or any other EE) on console.
Obviously it's harder for both systems on console but it becomes really really hard for DoS2.

It shouldn't have to be so complicated and I don't really see any positive points to this scheme.
I know that "the majority" didn't report it as a problem but I also never read anything saying that it was good.

I'd be glad to have an answer from Larian's game designer about it.
Not to argue but just to ask questions and try to understand why they think it's fine because both in MP and in SP, I can't really see the value compared to what was done i.e in the old I.E games.

I hate this system but obviously, I won't leave a bad review because of it.

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