I was playing through the first couple of hours of Baldur's Gate EE last night and I had a few moments that made me stop and think about Baldur's Gate 3. i laughed out loud at dialogue choice or a quest I did. One was a thief that keeps stealing from us when we talk to him even though he wants help and the journal entry was written as if we're his psychologist, which was a great moment. the other one was two dialogue choices with a quest about a chicken. Fowl jokes, and something related to that.

It made me realize that I don't remember laughing out loud while playing Baldur's Gate 3 in relation to actual dialogue or quests. I've laughed when I yeeted someone off a cliff, or said "ah yeaa" when i did over 20 damage in a single attack, but I can't remember laughing at a dialogue option or funny quest. Sure, when Lae'zel and I got into an insult match, it was 'sort' of funny, but it played out as just more mean spirited and not "laugh out loud" sort of funny.

Do you guys find the game funny? and does that even matter to you?