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Other than that just goofing around with a couple of my buddies in multi.

it's funny you mention buddies, I googled "funny moments in Baldur's gate 3" and there was a video, but all it was, was a bunch of people laughing as they killed stuff and each other in BG3, it wasn't actually funny moments in Baldur's Gate 3.

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This was a bit of a problem in PoE1 for me.

Yea, PoE was just too dark for me. I don't need to be laughing when i play a game, but I find BG3 a little too serious sometimes. Every conversation is played as serious, even when it's a ridiculous situation. I'd love a silly cutscene where you catch Lae'zel playing with scratch or something just to have her try to explain it or something like that. Sure it would be "out of character" in a sense, but it'd be a nice reprieve.

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