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A sample is worthless when it is not a sterile sample. Also, a 1k sample for a game of over 1m+ players, is hardly a sample. If it was around 10k-15k I would think it a little respectable. I mean it seems some others can't figure out how a sample works when comparing review scores of 8 people and over 33k people soooo.
Idk how true these are, but the first 10 pages of Google results all say that a sample size of 1k is perfectly fine for over 1m+ players. These results use the statistics presented on the Sample Size Determination wikipedia page.

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Incidentally ALSO stuff that was already argued a couple hundred times in the past pages of this very same thread (well, on the past pages of the several threads that compose this one, more accurately).

Yes by the same group of people...Shall we count how many actual posters have posted in this thread over the reposts of a sub group of people?
The same could be said about people arguing against a 6-person party. Shall we count how many people ITT have argued against 6-person party vs for?

Going back 9 pages, there are 31 different people explicitly arguing for a larger party size, with slightly more than 3 entirely new posters each page. Extrapolating backward, even conservatively (assuming 2 instead of 3 new posters per page), this results in ~100+ different posters.

Going back 9 pages, there are 7 different posters explicitly against a 6 person party. And of those 7 posters, 4 are arguing against it because the game is already too easy, and 1 because combats are currently so slow. Both of these problems are fixed by Larian re-balancing the game, difficulty settings, and/or improving enemy speeds, and thus would address the issues these posters have with an optional party size. This leaves 2 posters against a larger party size by itself, which extrapolating backward (generously), results in ~10 posters categorically against a larger party size ITT.