double^ respectfully, keep trolling, derailing, and dismissing anyone that doesnt share your viewpoint fam instead of arguing the merits of 6 v 4 person party. 46 pages and counting.

admittedly we are on opposite sides of this particular topic and at this stage given larians communication/panel discussion i would agree that the likelihood of a 6person party diminishes daily, but seriously, and my apologies in advance to the mods for any 'venting/snarkiness' that may bleed out here, but i feel like the majority of all ~290 of your posts within the last month of joining have been of a similar vein of just 'pooh poohing' any feedback that you dont agree with and it comes off that you are just here to argue in bad faith. furthermore, i see a number of your responses include comments along the lines of 'well if they changed xyz, i personally wouldnt mind/would support the change - but its larians game so they are going to do what they want' which is extremely frustrating when trying to discuss suggestions/feedback for an ea build that larian themselves asked for when first launching early access.

now feel free to continue posting and sharing your feedback, all welcome, but you weaken your position and credibility when exhibiting the above behavior. tbh, ive actually wanted to respond and say this for a number of your posts now, but didnt want to create any forum drama, but its really getting to the point where it seems that you are just running interference for larian/the devs or just...because? its odd flexing.