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In most popular CRPGs of modern years, like Pathfinder, PoE and DOS2, your approval is not the only thing that matters - the way you approach your companions matters too (aka. "speech checks" or "dialogue checks"). A few examples that most people probably know of would be: Tristian (Pathfinder), Pallegina (PoE1 "romance"), Aloth (PoE2) and Lohse (DOS2) are great examples of NPCs that responds poorly if the PC is pushy - they need the PC to give them some personal space in order to be properly romanced, regardless of your approval levels.

I'm cool with that, it makes sense. In this case though, my OC was not pushy. He said he wanted some fun and she said that better not mean he wanted to kill something. It's not like she slam-tackled him and demanded that the mutual ravishment begin. (Though, if that were an option, I admit I'd try it at least once to see what happens.)

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