I laughed at Astarian's rejection lines. I don't think the dialogues are poorly written but I think they are much too short.

But the Larian ironic humor isn't my thing at all. When I watch videos of players laughing at goblins being some killed on some surface I feel no desire to guffaw along with them. That sense of humor relies upon an ironic detachment from the game that I just don't enjoy -- for me ironic detachment is the converse of immersion.

In BG2 I liked a) Jan and b) the clever references.

a) Jan was to BG2 as R2D2 & C-P30 were to star wars. Jan broke the tension of a dark, heavy, immersive experience.

b) I just liked playing "I got that reference" with BG2. There were lots of references to Shakespeare, to philosophers like Horkheimer and Sarte. "Animals are attacking Trademeet, it's like nothing I've ever seen. It's like a revolt of nature!" Okay, I see what you did there you over-educated devs you. By the way, why are a couple of MDs making video games anyway? . . .

Now there are some clever parts of BG3 as well -- whoever is writing Astarian is really doing something clever with the man who cannot look in the mirror. Astarian simply lacks the ability to engage in self reflection . . .

Right now I'm hoping for more cleverness and less cheese-loving ironist humor as in: "Haha! Now I'll become a teleporting badger! A now I'm a huge billy goat and I'll yeet the hag into a pit! Success! Put a block of cheese on my head because I'm the king of cheese, haha! Claps backs, punches arms . . . "

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