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The problem with the way Larian manages the party (chain/unchain), the camera controls, the characters going through the fire, the flawed inventory system, etc... The problem with all of this is that BG3 is a game to be play for hundreds of hours. And because of that, something that isn't all bad, but is not well polished, ends up irritating you. After 100 hours of having to get angry dozens of times, you inevitably start to hate the game.

So these aspects need to be polished, and we are all here to help. Larian needs to see this.

Although I have found some aspects irritating, having some unpolished issues in ALPHA really doesn't make me hate the game. If these are issue when it launches, than that is another story. Rather than let it ruin my play during ALPHA, I just learn to adapt and enjoy the game, not let little issues bother me. The chain is unwieldy, camera controls are a little goofy, but I have played much worse in released games. I wouldn't expect much better with inventory, because it is pretty much the same in all their games lol. But overall, I will hold my judgment for the release, when it is suppose to be at its final form.

Hold your judgement for the release won'tt help Larian to know that you don't like how things are.

If issues aren't reported because you have assumptions for the release, they won't change anything. That's not what an EA is for.

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