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Hold your judgement for the release won'tt help Larian to know that you don't like how things are.

If issues aren't reported because you have assumptions for the release, they won't change anything. That's not what an EA is for.
I lost count of how many times this has been pointed out already, and yet there's never lack of the occasional zealot willing to scream at full lungs "Hold your judgement until release!" for the sake of damage control.
Still not sure who's that's supposed to help. No matter the context, dedicated Yes Men never contributed to make anything better.

Also, the argument "It's not good, but I've also seen worse" is not exactly a flying endorsement, nor a goal to set for. Imagine what a charming review quote typesetted on the game's box "It controls like crap, but we have played worse".

The only Zealot I see here Tuco, is you! All you do is carry on like a child because BG3 doesn't meet your reminiscent erection for a 20 year old game. Screaming and yelling in every thread about how everything sucks because it doesn't have this or that, when we don't know WHAT they will have at the end of alpha. You misrepresent what people say in emails (yes I read that email too) to try and paint Larian as some arrogant, player hating, incompetent developers with absolutely nothing constructive in your "criticisms". And then have the nerve to resort to name calling anyone that does not jump on your bandwagon. I honestly don't care if I get reprimanded by the mods, but I am sick and tired of your low brow, neckbeard, D&D elitest insults. I mean if you hate the game so much, WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE! Besides trying to tear down something that doesn't match your personal vision of "what the game should be" I am sorry how many games have you made? What is your experience in game development? Or are you just some DM wannabe loser that only gets pleasure by showing how "knowledgeable" you are, and how everyone should listen to you?

And to the mods, if you feel you have to take action on me so be it, but I am sick and tired of this posters insults, berating and aggressive tone towards anyone that disagrees with him. My ban or suspension will be well worth it.