This was an action surge.

That's a good point but I have to say that I'm less annoyed by the chain after hundreds of hours than I was at the beginning.
I experienced it a bit years ago in DoS2 but that's not the kind of game I'm playing over and over again.

Now that I know the game and all it's cheats, I can handle every situations without being prepared. There's always something more OP to beat the ennemy (the limit is barrelmancy)... The chain annnoy me a lot but I don't really have to think and dispatch my party. I just have to go higher.

Anyway those that looks to "complain" are passionnated about the game. They probably hope more than anyone else that the game is going to be the best. They want to play it for the next 20 years like they did with the old games.

Controls are really something that matter.
Of course there are personnal preferences about a many points but the chain mechanic is not something like that.
Not sure anyone on this 28 pages said that the chain is something they really find good in the game/in DoS.

This mechanic is bad or average but never really good.
Anyone that tried both systems whatever we're talking about console or not KNOW that the chain is far from being what's best to control a party.

Tuco is a bit abrasive but he's right. We're not talking about personnal opinions here. We're talking about the core of a control scheme : control a party easily, as fast as possible and with accuracy.

The chain doesn't meet any of those basic expectations in MP or in SP.
They swapped easy, fast and precise VS characters follow you.

Characters also follow you in the other system (EE edition)
+ You can also control a character with your sticks
+ you have real formations (auto or manual)
+ you can easily select your character(s)
+ you can move them where you want without any mistake
+ the radial menu on console is way more friendly user

Everything is wrong in the chain.
- you have to disband the group each time you want to select 1 character.
- you have to disband/regroup as soon as you want to select 2 characters
- you're doing more clics than in any other systems, even those with a greater party size...
- the radial menu on console is tedious as hell
- you have sooo many miss click/miss drag and drop...

This would be awesome to hear the devs about such active thread. Just answer 2 questions... Should you reconsider the chain mechanic for BG3 or not ? Why do you think this system is better than another ?

End of the thread.

These questions gave me an idea of threads.
Let's try to shake them a bit.

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