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Tuco is a bit abrasive but he's right. We're not talking about personnal opinions here. We're talking about the core of a control scheme : control a party easily, as fast as possible and with accuracy.

Yeah, it's like talking with a Gith you just realize you having a conversation with someone who punches other people for a living and you adjust your expectations smile I enjoy his posts.

The chain doesn't meet any of those basic expectations in MP or in SP.

Yes, the chain has gotten better with each patch. But it's like good sauce on bad meat, the improvements can only do so much to hide the rot. I now know how to work around the chain but that just means I've given up doing things I would like to do.

Take the gate fight. Having two characters sneak into certain positions on the battlefield isn't worth it. To send one group on the hill and another sneaking in the canyon means "unchain-unchain" "chain-chain" "hide - hide - hide -hide" "select -- move Laezel and Astarian" "unchain Astarian" "move group two to hill" "move Astarian, sneak attack"

It's absurd so I just send everyone to the hill -- cast feather fall and have them jump into battle. Only possible with metagame knowledge and it doesn't allow me to use the class features of a thief.