100%, anything that removes clicks and drags will improve the system.

This is something we can objectively observe - the current chain system simply adds too many unnecessary steps and action clutter to a player experience.

Compare a simple maneuver to movement split a party of 4 into 2 between a traditional control and putting each into different locations - (i.e. Pillars of Eternity) to BG3:

POE (4 actions):
- box drag to select 2 party members
- click to move the 2 selected to location A
- box drag to select the remaining 2 party members
- click to move the 2 selected to location B

BG3 - assuming you are controlling character 1 right now (7 actions):
- Click and drag to unchain party member 3
- Click and drag to unchain party member 4
- Click and drag to chain Member 3 and 4 back together
- Select Member 3 or 4
- Click on location A
- Select party member 1 or 2
- Click on location B

On the surface, 3 more action shouldn't be the end of the world, but there are little more subtle issues that also factor in.

For one, clicking and dragging to unchain a party member takes longer, and is more prone to input error (because you if you don't drag it far enough, it just doesn't unchain).

More importantly, the requirement to constantly shift between interacting with the portraits located at the bottom left corner, and then going back to doing something at the center of the screen, adds tons of movement inefficiency to a basic actions. Having to bring your mouse back and forth between 2 locations to issue basic movement is a subtle but incredibly annoying user experience for players. You'll never get away from all of it, but the goal is to reserve these kind of inefficiencies for rare moments, not everyday movement.

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