Hi guys,

Who knows, maybe such a thread could lead to something... What questions / feedback / suggestions would you ask/talk about with the devs ?

Here are a few of mine :

- At the moment we can eat food during combats. Sometimes it's better than healing potions and it's now free (no actions/bonus actions) for mushrooms.
Some players find it a bit immersion breaking and it devalue the usefullness of healing potions/spells.
Can you explain us why you choose to go this way with food ?

- Everyone agree that the verticality in the game is incredible. Having bonuses through highround is great because we have to play with verticality.
On the other hand, it looks like being higher than the ennemy is very powerfull especially because it gives an advantages to your allies and a disadvantage to your ennemies.
Advantages and disadvantages are the most powerfull bonuses you can have in D&D and giving them easily through highground devalue many spells (i.e faery fire), abilities (i.e reckless attack) and actions (i.e hide).
Lots of us suggested an increased range for ranged weapons + maybe a +2 to attack rolls or +2 to AC if you're higher.
Did you try to give other bonuses to players during your playtests and what were your conclusions ?

- At the moment jump is mixed with disengage.
According to some players, this leads to another very easy advantage for melee characters (backstab).
This allow us to easily increase our %to hit at the single cost of a bonus action without triggering any AoO. We're all jumping at each turns with our melee character, that's a basic of combats.
Some players suggested to dismiss jump and disengage and to make jump a part of the movement instead of a bonus action.
What are your feelings about it and why did you decide to mix jump with disengage ?

- About the chain mechanic. It looks like a fact that this system increase the number of click we have to do if we compare it to other systems. We also have many missclick and "missdrag" for a benefit that is not really clear both in SP and in MP, and both on console or on PC.
Can you explain us why this system is the best according to you and could you consider something else ?

- More actions exists in D&D. Some of them could really increase our possibilities in combats while increasing the tactical value of the game and synergies between companions. I'm thinking about : ready action, shove to prone, dodge action, help as described in the PHB.
Do you plan to add more of those "common" actions ?

Feel free to add yours but try to stay constructive.

This thread is made with the hope someone at Larian would agree to talk a bit with us.

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