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...Can't really comment on the music, personally it hasn't bothered me, but it hasn't inspired me either...

It seems this website is using the embed feature with Shockwave Flash, which is blocked by every common browser. Links to the music below, tell me how inspired you are while listening to these:



,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸-(_BG Battle Music_)-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸

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...Yes we should makes checks in conversations at times, but right now it's being overdone on trivial things and it makes the entire system drag....

I agree, check out this well done video explaining how just 1 example of a quest plays out in the original Baldurs Gate, and how dialog choices are yours to make, not the Dice in this video:

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...Not a fan of real-time-with-pasue, at all. No thanks. I like Turn based, I want turn base, and I'm happy with turn based...

I agree with what you like, and I'm not saying to get rid of it. There should be a choice. We should have both options, just like in the original Baldurs Gate games.

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...thanks for taking the time to write up your feedback - every voice that does so is useful!...

Thanks Niara for your thoughts as well!