I agree with OP's points but this is valuable feedback regardless of that fact.

And I'm surprised how some people try to turn this into a debate.
He is stating his feedback with proposed alternatives. You are free to make another thread with your differing opinion. Why are you trying to deconstruct theirs to the point it seeming like a personal attack?

People would just stop giving feedback if you force them to defend their position and you would be left with a tiny minority that is satisfied with everything as is. we all know what echo chambers lead to right?

To see an alternative venue of same purpose please check out Owlcat games (company behind pathfinder games) discord and it's feedback channels and how they are structured. They ask you not to initiate dialogue in feedback channel because thats not it's purpose. While there are other channels where you can freely discuss opinions. This forum clearly needs such structuring.

Also could Sarah please look into this forum moderator's behavior?