The fun part is that you are not forced to play chaotic evil at all ...

Take Githyanki, for example ...
They are strictly Lawfull Evil ... Kithrak tells Beretha litteraly: "Question, kill, then move on!"
From your perspective they may seem chaotic evil, since they "chaoticaly" killed everything they met ...
And that is where that definition is wrong. smile
Since Chaotic / Neutral / Lawfull ... only means how strict order, or rules if you wish, do your character follow ...
Since Githyanki are strictly millitary nation, they are Lawfull, since whole species lives by same set of rules, that is passed on them since hatching. smile

Take Goblins ...
They are Neutral Evil ... that kinda mean pure pragmatic, there are some "rules" that may differ goblin to goblin, and if they disobey them ... usualy nothing happens. laugh
Yet they may seem to be chaotic evil, since they also "chaoticaly" raid, plunder, betray and kill everyone they can ... but its more bcs its simply more beneficial for them, than any other reason. laugh

And finaly, take Gnolls ...
That is your chaotic evil race ... Gnolls have no rules to behaviour at all, Gnolls never "want to do" anything, when they want something, they simply do it and there is no set of rules or prohibitions that will stop them. smile
Gnolls dont have any rules, they have no use for them ... and that is what makes them Chaotic race.

Its not what your character do what defines him as "chaotic evil" but why does he do that. wink
If you wipe out whole Druid groove bcs you are expected to do that ... you are Lawfull evil.
If you wipe out whole Druid groove bcs its more profitable to do that ... you are Neutral evil.
If you wipe out whole Druid groove bcs you simply wanted to ... you are Chaotic evil.

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