Very good questions with good reasoning and a polite tone. I hope Larian will start to communicate more.

I'd like to know about the resting system.

You have chosen to not put any kind of risk factor or resource tax on the resting system. Have you considered the implications to class balance when spellcasters who operate on a "per day" basis can rest at will and peak in every encounter?

A big part of excitement in D&D adventuring is camping in dangerous and exotic locations. Some players find the current resting system unimmersive, when you can instantly access the safety of your camp from remote and dangerous, even impossible locations. Short rests don't serve a purpose if you can always opt for a long rest instead. Is the current resting system still a work in progress and can we expect it to change to become more D&D -like, as in the original BG games and more recently Pathfinder?

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